Keep Your Skills Up To Date

The demand for skills may see a drastic change in the coming years as world head towards the fourth industrial revolution. So, it is essential to assess your skills continuously to survive the wave of rapid advancements, substantiates the Manpower Group

In your growing years, most of you were curious to learn, unlearn, and never shy to experience new things. Now as adults, most of you feel stuck, going nowhere in career, have been resisting change of skills or jobs leaving you uninspired to learn.

Don’t let a certain degree or work experience restrict you from exploring, learning, or upskilling. Think about your skills, their usability, and sustainability over a few years from now. Do realize that the pain of staying stuck is more than the pain of creating a change.

It is should not surprise you that 51.4% people consider going back to education to learn more skills. Even 55 % of managers and executives, respectively, cited learning new skills as very important. So invest in yourself, no one else can do it for you.

When it comes to your own development, you can’t keep waiting until you are less busy. You may have neglected your learning needs but it’s not difficult to find that ONE REASON that will motivate you to start learning skills that will be handy in your professional life. Think Hard, Think Deep!

Your formal years of education got you the job or your first promotion. To grow and succeed, it is critical that you broaden your skill set. With upskilling, you can learn the skills that will aid in your development and growth.

You bring more value to the table with the newly learned skills. Adding value to not only your résumé but your work as well by creating efficiencies. You also get a chance to practice what you have learned and get better with it

Once you become proficient in your new skill, you have various options to explore at work. Take up projects that you always wanted to do, pick up the task that your manager does as a part of your development plan, train teams and colleagues on the skills you have learned. All of this helps in breaking the monotony at work

With a careful selection of skills you choose to learn, you can multiply your current prospects like inter-department movements, vertical or horizontal promotions and at the same time open a new set of choices to pick from like moving to a different organization where your skills fit better

Future is unpredictable and job security is questionable. Having additional skills can prove handy when your old skills become obsolete. So it is worth giving yourself a learning opportunity.

Its advantage “you”! New learning/ skills will give you a head-start over many who are yet to realize that these skills could be today’s opportunity or tomorrow’s necessity

Be it representing your organization, putting forward your views in the group, competition within the organization or outside, learning new skills that have value attached to it, helps to build your confidence

While you begin your learning journey, you start meeting people from various professions and organizations. It is a great opportunity to widen your professional network. Having a diverse network helps you stay up to date with market trends and various professional opportunities

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