Education Can Be Had by All Ages

There is no such thing as too old to learn. We are all capable of extending our knowledge at any time in life. It doesn’t have to be only for the young to take on a degree or two. It is possibly best when one is older because they know what they want and make better students. One of the best innovations in recent years has been the University of the Third Age for those who just want knowledge without a degree.

In Australia, as it is in most western countries, the universities make no discrimination on age. While one may feel a little strange when first on campus that soon fades as the work is so interesting and the speed of learning heats up.

Assignments are often hard work but the degree of satisfaction when they are completed is part of the enjoyment of a student’s life. Every one of these tasks is a learning curve that requires research and understanding to obtain good marks.

While older folk may not go into a degree with a view to changing the world they can easily aim to a career change. Some opt for a teaching position while others do nursing and such. In my case it was archaeology, anthropology, and linguistics that were my passion.

These subjects followed my research into the origin of language and religion that was requested by the Spirit of the Universe, after my reincarnation gave me the knowledge that religions are based on myths and lies. While I saw it as a huge mountain to climb the ease with which my degree was accomplished with honours set me up to continue my work with the evidence obtained that the visions given to me earlier are supported in the records.

Anyone with an inkling to learn should not hesitate to undergo a university degree. The satisfaction and friends one makes along the way are bonuses but the ability to rise above the mundane to the glorious is in us all, if we only give it a go.

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